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Dignity At Our Very Core

Our Impact


By providing clothes, rescued from landfill to people who are doing it tough, Thread Together makes both a social and environmental impact. Our work goes directly to giving people as much dignity as possible at their darkest time. It is a service that recognises that tough times eventually subside. Whilst someone is going through it, the very best should be afforded to that person to get them back on track.

Australia is rated number 2 on the Human Development Index, a league of tables collated by the United Nations each year. We come only second the Norway when determining quality of life. At the same time, we live in a society where many in our community don’t have access to a warm winter jumper, comfortable, waterproof shoes or even a clean pair of underwear.

Watch the video below to hear from Josh who was invited to choose a wardrobe of new clothes at the Thread Together Clothing hub. How it made him feel.


With help from our established national network of more than 100 charity partners and dedicated corporate partners, Thread Together can provide new clothing to more than 2,000 people per week.

That’s over 100,000 of the community’s most vulnerable and in need people helped annually.

Sometimes clients may need comfortable warm clothing to enable them to feel safe and warm. Others are seeking clothing for a new job. Thread Together ensures those in need receive a tailored service, which reflects the current stage of their personal journey.
Our clothes follow the journey of those people – from comfy clothes whilst in a crisis centre through to clothes to keep children’s lives as normal as possible, to finally having clothes to re-enter the work-force and regain independence once more.

A Tailored Solution

Our Clothing Hubs


An Australian first, this and every future Clothing Hub is stocked with brand new clothing. the Hubs are designed to help people in need to build trust and rapport within a dignified, safe and positive environment. Customers are invited to shop via referral and are welcomed to choose a new wardrobe. Just like an authentic shopping experience, they are invited to try on the clothing and choose outfits that match not just their circumstance but also their style and personality. Offering choice is  a crucial to helping restore dignity and pride.

 Browse the gallery below to see what a Thread Together Clothing Hub looks like and the clothes that clients can choose from.

Our in-charity wardrobes


Housed within the premises of and maintained by our charity partners, wardrobes are a true collaborative initiative that give all involved an opportunity to make a huge impact on our community.

Our wardrobes offer a secure and welcoming space  that is set up to meet the specific needs of the clients of the charity. Wardrobes provide the chance for customers to try on and choose clothes to suit their personal circumstances, personality and taste. Often, this can be the first crucial step towards finding employment, making community connections or simply feeling valued as a person.


Mathew Talbot, (homeless men) Vinnies, Woolloomooloo, NSW

Cat’s Closed, (at risk women), Vinnies, Woolloomooloo, NSW

Living Without Barriers (refugees), Parramatta, NSW

MTC Australia (long term unemployed), Parramatta, NSW

Port Church (families at risk, alcohol & other drugs), Largs North,  SA

Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre, Rozelle, NSW

About a year ago I left a domestic violence relationship. I’ve got 5 children and I took all of them with me. We had absolutely nothing, only the clothes on our back. A friend in Adelaide put me through to Thread Together and we got brand new clothes with tags, everything.

I got my dignity and self-esteem back from having that. That’s huge. A huge thing.


Survivor of Domestic Violence

I have not had a full belly or a set of clothes to wear ever. And I just can’t believe the kindness.

I’d say you have changed my life basically. I’d say you are doing a bloody good job. I’ve got a roof over my head, I’ve got a future. There’s hope. Keep your head in there, there’s people that want to help.

Look at me. I’m soaring high.


Recipient of clothing from Thread Together

The thing that has the greatest impact is that the community cares about them. The women walk taller.  Their heads are held higher. They feel hopeful of what tomorrow might bring. Because they feel so good about themselves. Most women haven’t even had a new bra in years.

I love being able to explain to the women that otherwise that clothing would go to landfill. It’s such an extreme waste that is now being properly utilised for women that are in so much need. Through Thread Together we’re able to say instantly to them we can provide you with underwear. 

Anna Gleave

Case Worker at Thread Together charity partner, Catherine House

They may be escaping domestic violence with just the clothes on their back, they may have been living in their car and only have a few things so being able to walk into a shop like this and be able to have some new clothes and start feel like a human being again gives them the ability to actually start to engage with life and the world.

You are really changing people’s lives. It might seem like its end of line stuff here you’re literally changing people’s lives with every piece of clothes you see their face light up / somebody respects me.

Rabbi Kastel

CEO at Thread Together charity partner, Jewish House

My previous experience has been with long-term unemployed.

The difference that new clothing makes to how they stand, how they talk and how they present themselves is amazing.


Volunteer at Thread Together

Our clients are human beings, they’re people, all with their own stories. They’re broken, they’re hurting, they’re disadvantaged. But the hostel and Thread Together are providing a service to help rebuild them.

Being able to choose the clothes they need and partake in expressing their own identity. Power of choice, that’s what Thread Together provides as well as the practical help.

The change in the guys is instant and it’s remarkable


Volunteer Manager at Thread Together charity partner Matthew Talbot Hostel

In my recent past I worked in a women’s housing program. I worked with homeless women and children, who had fled domestic violence situations. They would arrive on our doorsteps emotionally broken, sometimes physically broken and with nothing. Starting from scratch.

A service like this and a provision like this would have really been wonderful to introduce to these ladies. To give them a sense of dignity about their lives.  To receive brand new clothes for themselves and their children. I can see it would have filled a real need and filled a real gap.

What this is achieving in a sense of threading people together in community and helping people in a really practical way and bringing people together in an ever expanding community


Volunteer Manager at Thread Together

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