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In what ways can I access your service?

There are 4 ways to access the Thread Together service: Online store, Clothing Hubs, Mobile Wardrobes and In-accommodation Wardrobes. Please click here for more information or see the FAQs below.

Does it cost anything to use your service?

No. There is no cost to use our service. All clothing is offered free of charge, including delivery.

Is the clothing new?

All clothing is brand new and usually with original tags attached.

Where are your Hubs & Wardrobes located?

We have Clothing Hubs in the following locations:

NSW: Sydney Metro

VIC: Ballarat

ACT: Phillip

SA: North Adelaide

We have Mobile Wardrobes serving the following areas:

NSW: Sydney Metro and Wagga Wagga

VIC: Melbourne Metro

WA: Perth Metro

QLD: Brisbane Metro

SA: Adelaide Metro

How do I access the online store?

The Thread Together online store is accessible via our website using your customer login. Once you have submitted your application form and your account has been approved, we will send you a link to activate your account.

What items are available online?

You can select from clothing, shoes and accessories in our online store. Please note, clothing items are listed by category and size with a generic image to represent that item. The items you receive will be similar to the images seen, but not an exact match.

How often can I place online orders and how much can I order?

You can order as often as you need. We have new stock coming into our fulfilment centre weekly. Some items are in higher demand than others, these will be highlighted in the store.

You can place bulk orders online, if a garment is in short supply, a limit of 10 items per order will be specified in the store.

How do I return items if they are not suitable?

When we do not have the exact sizes or requested items in stock we try to send through the closest size we have at that time.

 If items / sizes received are not suitable for your clients, we ask that you pass them onto someone in need as we cannot accept returns at this stage.

 We have new stock arriving each week, so you are welcome to place another order.

What is a Clothing Hub?

The Thread Together Clothing Hubs are an authentic shopping experience where your clients have the ability to choose from a wide range of clothing options, find something they like and try them on to ensure they find something that suits their personality and circumstance.

How do I arrange for a client visit to a Thread Together Clothing Hub?

As part of your onboarding process we will give you the details on how to arrange an appointment. You will be provided with a gift card to fill out on the clients behalf. The client will then present the gift card to the staff at the Clothing Hub when they visit.

What is a Mobile Wardrobe?

Mobile Wardrobes are custom fitted walk-in wardrobes on wheels. Our partners invite the Mobile Wardrobe into their space and we provide new clothing to up to 50 clients during a 3 hour visit. Mobile wardrobes are currently stationed all around Australia.

How do I arrange for a Mobile Wardrobe to come to our facility?

Your onboarding documents will contain details of how to book a Thread Together Mobile Wardrobe visit.

What is an In-Accommodation Wardrobe?

Thread Together has partnered with a number of charities to set up permanent wardrobes within crisis accommodation. These are restocked by the charity or social service agency by ordering from our online store.

We would like to extend this program, so please let us know in your application whether you would be interested in this option for your facility.


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