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Support Communities Like Trundle

Support Communities Like Trundle

“This is a wonderful gift to our community. I hope Greg and Chey obtained an impression of how grateful our community is for the help. Two of our children cried and one hugged the new shoes. This is a gift not only of the shoes but hope and recognition that they are worth something.”

The Trundle community needs you.

The central west region of New South Wales, like many parts in NSW and QLD, is in drought. The effects from that drought stretch way beyond the farms. It is felt by everyone in the community; including the children that attend John’s school.

“I can tell you the weather in Trundle. Hot and dry, windy in afternoon. Has been that way for quite a while…”

This is what John, Principal and Trundle Central School, said after reaching out to us for help. He was apologetic when he asked us if we could help him source some school shoes – at cost price. “Unfortunately asking for something” he titled his email.

It just so happened that Thread Together had quite a few school shoes waiting for a new home. Happy to fly back up for a cup of coffee with John, and to deliver the shoes to the school in person, Greg Fisher set out to visit Trundle together with Chey Nikora from the Commonwealth Bank.

Heart-breaking social impact stories

They were received with open arms . The children were excited and proud to show of their banner made fir Thread Together showing all shoes in the brightest and happiest colours. They heard the heart-breaking social impact stories from the drought. They saw the happy faces when they delivered the shoes.

Chey and Greg are doing everything they can to help and spread word of the needs of drought affected areas like trundle – can you help?