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Brand new clothes for your clients

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Become an approved charity partner

Working together to achieve more

Thread Together’s main mission and focus is to source new and excess clothing from fashion retailers and redistribute items to those in our communities that need it most. Through partnerships with charities across Australia, we currently support people who are homeless, youth at risk, Indigenous communities, survivors of domestic violence, refugees or long term unemployed and so many more.

Approved charity partners refer their clients

Approved charity partners refer their clients to our Clothing Hubs in Sydney, Canberra or Adelaide. At our Clothing Hubs, clients are invited to shop and choose the clothes that best suit their circumstances and well as their personal style and taste.

Not all charity partners are able to refer their clients to one of our Hubs. Sometimes this is because of their location, or because they prefer to have the clothes come to them for another reason. Those charities are also provided with a solution. For them we have created a Charity Partner Online Shop. This  Online Shop lists the clothes by size and type, ensuring the most appropriate clothes get to those clients.

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Our NSW Clothing Hub is located at the Addison precinct next to OzHarvest, in Kensington, Sydney




In collaboration with St. Vincent de Paul, Thread Together has opened its second Clothing Hub in Phillip, to service those in and around Canberra



In collaboration with AnglicareSA, Thread Together have launched two Mobile Clothing Hubs to service those in and around Adelaide



For partners that cannot refer their clients to one of our Hubs or prefer the clothes to come to them for another reason, we have created an Online Shop