By Sophie Drysdale, Intern and Volunteer at Thread Together

Passion for social causes

In August this year I joined the Thread Together team as an intern. It began as a course requirement for my university degree, a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Social and Political Science. However, it since extended into a role that I am not yet able to part with, despite having completed my studies. There is something special to me about feeling as though you are making a difference. It has always appealed to me. I can see, the more time I spend at Thread Together, that my passion for social causes is only increasing.


New, good quality clothing delivered to the community

I feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to contribute, in some way, to the growth of the organisation. Since joining the team I have seen first-hand the impact and change taking place on a daily basis. Multiple orders packed, clothes sorted, social media posts scheduled, and programs held. These explain just some of the happenings that occur at Thread Together. All this ensures that new, good quality clothing is delivered to members of the community who are doing it tough.

Reward of interning at Thread Together

As an intern, I am fortunate to be part of all aspects of the organisation. Spending time in the warehouse organising clothes, entering new items into the system and enjoying the company of warehouse employees and the Operations Manager, Allan (despite the bad jokes). Upstairs, in the office, I have researched for presentations CEO Greg has given. Also, I prepared documents and slideshows, and of course, learnt from the other interns and Communications Manager, Eve. One of the most rewarding parts of interning at Thread Together is being able to assist at The Addison Clothing Hub. Here, members of the community who have received a voucher from charity partners can browse and select a brand-new set of clothes, in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The store is designed in a way that gives people an authentic shopping experience. Being able to see the joy on people’s faces when they find pieces they love, is heart-warming.


A little goes a long way

I have learnt so much during my time at Thread Together, about both myself and others. For me, there is nothing quite like lending a helping hand. The fulfillment I gain from that it something I will keep with me into the future. More importantly, however, is the way even small gestures of kindness really do have the power to impact people’s lives. A little really does go a long way.

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