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Fashion partners


Thread Together collaborates with some of Australia’s largest and most iconic clothing brands to source end-of-line stock. We are the only organisation in Australia to source new excess clothing from fashion retailers and redistribute to those in our communities that need it the most. We believe clothing plays a vital role in creating better futures to vulnerable people and those in need.

By working together, we help the fashion industry to make a meaningful contribution to society.

‘There is no competition between clothing manufacturers when it comes to responsible disposal of end-of- line stock.

We encourage our friends in the clothing industry to make Thread Together part of the manufacturing process – doing our collective part in corporate social responsibility.

It is a no-brainer – rather than paying for the removal and disposal of stock, let it be collected to help people in need. A win for those doing it tough; a win for the environment; and a win for our bottom-line.’

Gary Perlstein

Former CEO of Specialty Fashion Group, Current CEO of City Chic

Showing That You Care

High demand


The rapid growth and high demand of Thread Together has cemented us as an effective solution to the textile waste problem faced by many Australian clothing manufacturers. Seafolly and Specialty Fashion Group have been pioneers of the fashion industry and pivotal in the success of Thread Together, through their ongoing support and clothing donation. There are currently more than 20 Australian fashion retailers supplying their surplus clothing to us.

We make donating easy for our fashion partners

There is no minimum donation required to become a fashion partner and no financial donation required to donate clothing or goods. We have no limitations on the age of stock that is donated to Thread Together.

We accept donations of factory seconds or samples with minor flaws and we accept deliveries throughout the year, at a time or period that suits you. We can also organise to collect your donation from anywhere in Australia. 

All we ask is that donations are new, unworn and undamaged.


What is the fourth letter of the alphabet?

It's a no-brainer!

Thread Together currently has over 20 Fashion Partners who donate their end-of-line stock on a regular basis.


What is the fourth letter of the alphabet?

Better Together

Corporate partners

Diverting clothing from landfill

Companies should not only look at what they are selling, but also what they stand for. Supporting Thread Together means a company stands for greater equality for all, care for our most vulnerable and environmental awareness.
Thread Together provides a solution for companies with too much, to give to people with too little. Being a corporate partner of Thread Together gives organisations an array of benefits including sustainable waste solutions, employee engagement programs and the ability to make 100% tax deductions to reflect the donation.
We offer a range of flexible sponsorship options to suit organisations looking for ways to make a meaningful contribution to the community at an individual level.

Build your team by helping others

Thread Together welcomes Corporate groups looking for a unique and meaningful team building activity, or staff community support day (link to programs).
Listen to the stories shared by a speaker impacted by our work
Learn how we collaborate to help over 1,500 people every week
Help us pack and sort clothing that go directly to people in need across Australia
Our days of team building are fun, rewarding and can be designed to suit you and your team. We offer complimentary use of our facilities for off-site optional conferencing for bookings over 20 people, flexible times, optional lunch and transfers from one Sydney metropolitan location.

Include Thread Together in your communications

If you have a corporate newsletter, poster board, magazine, website or Facebook page and you would like to include us in any way, shape or form, please get in touch to discuss (link to form). We would love for you to share Thread Together with your network. The truth is – the more people that know about us, the more people can be involved and the more people we can help. The number of people we have helped because someone knows someone is huge.
Help us spread the word by including us in your newsletters, on your website or other communication channels.
Invite them to be part of the cause.

Start a conversation about booking your day with us

A little bit of kindness

Charity partners


At Thread Together we aim to restore dignity and hope for our community’s most vulnerable by providing them with brand new clothes to choose from. We have established a network of more than 100 charity partners across Australia. Via our online platform and distribution warehouses we provide a continuous supply of new clothing. We’re dedicated to making a difference to the homeless, victims of domestic violence, asylum seekers, indigenous communities, ex-inmates, and other vulnerable groups in the community.

So much has been achieved and solidified

Thread Together has established a network of more than 100 charity partners nationwide. A constant supply of clothing is guaranteed through a network of reliable fashion and clothing partners. Our on-line capability to ensure that the clothes are best matched to need. Six wardrobes have been established inside other charities where demand is constant.


As part of a collaboration with Addison youth crisis accommodation, Oz Harvest and Orange Sky Thread Together Clothing Hub @The Addison in Sydney. A Thread Together Clothing Hub @Vinnies in Canberra as part of a Joint venture with St Vincent de Paul.
Thread Together Mobile Wardrobes as part of a joint venture with AnglicareSA which sees 2 mobile Wardrobes (vans) taking clothes directly to people in need – even in remote areas. 


Thread Together works with charity agencies across Australia to get new clothes directly to people in real need. This grass-roots support highlights the importance and benefits of charities working collaboratively.

We help clients in need of comfortable warm clothing to enable them to feel safe and warm and we help clients who seeking clothing for a new job. A tailored service, which reflects the current stage of their personal journey.

Thread Together invites registered charities to apply to partner with thread Together.

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