One simple way

You can make a big difference 

One simple way

You can bring your team together

One simple way

You can give back to your community

One simple way

You can help deliver postive change 


One simple way to make a big difference

Your team has the power to drive social and environmental change. Did you know that millions of items of ‘unsold’ new clothing gets dumped into landfill every year? And that at the same time 12.99 million people right here in Australia live below the poverty line? Buying new clothes is something they only dream of.

Imagine what we could achieve if those clothes did NOT go to waste and instead were given to those in our community who are doing though.


Fight fashion waste with your team mates. Book a Program for Purpose at Thread Together. 

A few hours of your time  – one simple way you can make big a difference.

Restore hope and dignity for people doing it tough | Make a positive impact on the environment by ensuring nothing goes to waste | Bring the team together around a common goal

Watch the video below to see how spending a few hours out of the office helping others helps lift team morale and boosts productivity.

“What a great way to help out the less fortunate. We managed to impact the lives of over 400 people. In just 3 hours, the Amazon team put dignity back into the hands of people who need it the most. We’re really all only 3 paychecks away from being them.

Abe Sharma

Account Manager, Amazon

I had the privilege of joining a team from AWS to help out Thread Together. Although it was only a few short hours, it was a fantastic spend of the teams time.

Looking forward to doing more with Thread Together and encourage you all to consider supporting this charity by making it your next team offsite activity. You won’t regret it.”-

Niall O’Gorman

Partner Success Manager, Amazon

“It was amazing to walk into the bright and colourful Thread Together warehouse, meeting the amazing team that work there and to hear their stories also. The vibe there is so inspiring and uplifting.

It’s made me realise how lucky we are and that we need to educate so many more people about what’s happening here in Australia.”

Annie Pryor

Prodution Manager, Boody Australia

“It’s a very humbling experience. Humbling in that you were actually able to help deliver the road to positive change.

Justin O'Brien

Vice President, Morgan Stanley

“We need to give back to our community. Being able to do that as part of a large corporate organisation creates team building, awareness and it creates a sense of social justice. ” 

Liz Fenech

Manager: Catholic Education Foundation, Sydney Catholic Schools


New clothes for people in our community doing it tough – at no cost to them 

Thread Together was born the belief that manufacture to waste without a purpose in between makes no sense. Driving social and environmental change, Thread Together works with hundreds Australian fashion brands and charities. We help those in need by managing fashion excess, distributing surplus clothes to people who are doing it tough – the highest ethical response to this potential waste.

We need your support

600,000 items of clothing diverted from going straight to landfill. 100,000 people provided with dignity and choice through new clothes. 

Every year.

One simple reason Thread Together needs corporate teams like you.


Check out the gallery below to see how much fun you could have


Listen to the stories shared by a speaker impacted by our work


Learn how we collaborate to help more people in need


Help us pack and sort clothing that goes directly to people in need across Australia


I have special dietary requirements – can that be catered for?

Absolutely. We can cater for vegetarians, vegans and special dietary needs such as gluten free diets. For these or other special dietary needs – please let us know at least one week before your booking.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to spend a day away form my desk. Is it worth it? How can I convince my boss to let me attend? Taking part in a team building activity has shown benefits to even the most glued to desk workaholics. The work that Thread Together does and the people helped depend on people like you. Also, we will make sure you have a great day. And we will give your boss a shout out on Facebook.

I’m not sure I can afford a ticket in the suggested donation amounts – can I still come? Yes. We are serious about raising money to continue our mission but we are also serious about how many hands we need to continue our work. If the minimum donation stated is a barrier – please get in contact and we will help make it happen.

Can I pay more than the suggested donation? Yes. And a huge thanks for your support of this great initiative. Please note that your donation is 100% tax deductible.

I’m travelling to Sydney for the team building day event, where should I stay? We are located in Banksmeadow, close the Eastgardens shopping centre in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We have lots of accommodation close by to choose from. We recommend Vibe Hotels and Travellodge (there is one near the Airport) as they are supporters of Thread Together.

So should I book my day now? Yes. You can also contact us to put a hold on couple of tentative dates. The last thing you want is for the team to finally agree on a date and the date being booked out by someone else. y are limited and we expect them to go fast, so click on the Tickets button and make it happen.

I’m with the media or a blogger and am interested in writing or blogging about Thread Together and the team building day. Can I arrange an interview with one of your staff to provide more in depth background? Fabulous! Get in contact (details below) and we would love to speak with before, during and/or after the day.

I have another question that’s not on here – what do I do? Get in touch here.

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