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Rose Darling, Volunteer at Thread Together Adelaide received Community Service Award from the Port Adelaide & Enfield Council at the Australia Day Award ceremony.  This award recognises a person or group presenting an outstanding or beneficial community event during the year which has provided opportunities for participation and attendance by the community.

We are not surprised Rose was formally recognised for her efforts as we know all too well how her generous and giving spirit has supported and contributed to those around her and people in need in the Adelaide and South Australian Community.


Rose and her ‘sorting sisters’ regularly meet at Rose’s house for sorting.

She is a much-loved volunteer, leader, party host extraordinaire and baker of delicious cakes and goodies.  And as she would say herself: “Grab a coffee and take a seat this is a bit of a long story.”


Today we are sharing a very special story that Rose shared with us just before Christmas las year. It really demonstrates the impact that new clothes for people in need are having. Being able to receive a first-hand account of where the clothes that Thread Together gathers end up is inspiring and uplifting for all that are involved with Thread Together to hear.

So whether you have taken part in a Program for Purpose, donated money, sponsored a wardrobe, donated goods or services, this blog post is about you as much as it is about Rose.


Back in July 2017 Rose heard of a man (let’s call him Steve). Steve needed a fridge as after spending the past two years couch surfing, he was finally able to move into a Housing SA unit to call his own.

Rose: At the time a friend of a friend’s mother had passed away. I was invited to take the excess household items and give to those in need on ‘pay it forward’. Hence, Steve received a great fridge and was truly appreciative. Steve told me how he had owned his own business and as a result form the GFC and ‘September 11’, his business did not survive. His relationship failed, and he lost his home. He ended up couch surfing and house sitting for two years (with his very loved dog).

“I had a feeling he was determined to get his life back on track.”

Adelaide Thread Together gave him clothes at the time (thanks Helen Power) and when I heard he had finally secured a job back in his industry. I knew he would need business clothes, so thanks to everyone for sorting clothes into sizes as this gentle giant loved, loved all he received including brand new “executive” shoes.

“He felt so proud of the clothes given and it made him feel like a business person again, doing the job he loved.”


This is where the story makes me so happy. Steve recently became a board member of a charity that helps sick clients enjoy a holiday. Last night on Facebook I saw a photo and it gave me goose bumps, there was the lady who donated the fridge back in July 2017 with “Steve” at their Charity Christmas Party. I had to look twice. Well… three times. What a small world!


I am not sure if I should let them know about each other, perhaps not. He looked fantastic in Thread Together clothes.

I gather he still has his struggles however, I hope like me you feel so inspired by his resilience.

None of us should ever give up hope.

I am sure this will be his happiest Christmas in a very long time. We should all be very proud of “Steve” and the help you gave.

Feeling inspired? Booking or recommending our Programs for Purpose to a friend family member or co-worker is #onesimpleway to support our work and make a difference.