Kalumburu Strong Womens Centre is set up as a Domestic Violence Shelter for those women and children escaping violence in their community. In addition they provide women support service by linking them to key programs and services. They also provide educational workshops and events to support domestic violence awareness and child safety.

A settlement along the remote Kimberly coast

Located in the far north of Western Australia, Kalumburu is situated on the banks of the King Edward River. It is the furthermost permanent settlement along the remote Kimberley coast. Traditionally the area has been home to two distinct Aboriginal language groups; The Kwini (Kuini) and Kulari, however in recent years other groups have moved into the area. 

Not just a centre for women

Even though the name suggests that the centre looks after women exclusively, the order that the centre placed this time was for the men in their community. Something we often hear at Thread Together is that it is easy to obtain good quality clothing for women but not so much for the men. We were happy to be able to help my sending them a range of mens wear that has been donated to us by our fashion partners at YD. Shorts, shirts and swimwear have been picked and packed. They are currently being transported by our transport partner TOLL to this remote area of Australia.

Community Focus National 

The  Kalumbru Strong Women’s Centre is part of Community Focus National, an organisation that aims to become a lead organisation in delivering programs and services to those who need it most. They have many years of experience in developing and managing programs and services. Their focus is on supporting and empowering the most vulnerable in a community. They deliver services that support families and children, young people, women and the aged.

Please note

Should you want to visit this beautiful and unique place, please share the respect and care for the country by following the few rules set out by the Aboriginal Community of Kalumburu.  

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