Happiness and hardship

Have you heard of a NSW country town, called Trundle? Trundle is known for its annual Bush Tucker Festival. They even host an amazing ABBA festival. There is a lot of happy history in this Aussie community!  

You may also be aware of the poem young Cooper Dunn from Trundle wrote in June of this year. His acrostic poem attracted significant media attention. The poem detailed in an authentic way what struggles his family is facing. There is no doubt that the hardship brought on by the worsening drought, has affected the spirits of the wider Trundle community.

Coopers poem and the stories from the community inspired us to support to help this community make thier Christmas extra special this year.

Giving hope to the community

Thread Together’s mission is to provide brand new, quality clothing to those in need. Through our partnerships we can make this mission a reality. One such partner is the Royal Far West. Royal Far West works in rural and remote areas in Australia. Their focus is to provide communities with healthcare services that meet the specific needs of individual families. Through our partnership with Royal Far West, Thread Together, developed a relationship with the Trundle Central School. Together we mapped out a plan to help the community in time for Christmas.

Families helping families

Preparation for the trip began with a group of local volunteers donating a few hours of their time. Friends and families from the local area. People who wanted to give back to other families in need.

Specially selected brand- new gifts

The volunteer group did more than donate their time. They brought along with them specially selected brand-new gifts. Gifts relevant to each age group at the school and lots of festive wrapping paper. At the Thread Together Warehouse and Community Centre they paired those gifts with new clothing.  The parcels were then wrapped up ready for delivery to the children at Trundle Central School. 

A first hand account

To raise awareness of the drought and to give a firsthand account of the devastation our CEO Greg Fisher, flew in to Trundle personally. He was able to capture the extent of the drought both from above and on the ground.

As Greg came in to land, he could clearly see the harshness of the area. What was especially heartbreaking was to hear the stories of despair inside those homes. The conflicts that arise between students as one father is given a tiny bit of shearing work over another student’s father. The huge anxiety forcing families to share a desolate home, where basic facilities like a shower are simply not available.

Signs of hope 

He also witnessed the signs of hope created around the school. The repainting of areas from mission brown to bright colours. The effort made into building showers for the children and having washing machines available for free for the farmers. And clever solutions where the grey water is then harvested to create green lawn areas for the children. He saw the children in the Trundle community happy and grateful. Simple things that make a huge difference!

Green drought

Greg flew down after 40mm of rain had just fallen in Trundle. Don’t let the green grass that you see at touch down fool you. This is something we call a ‘green drought’. After some rain, the grass quickly springs up and colours the land green. This makes it seem as if it is not dry at all. Unfortunately, the small amount of rain is enough to turn the paddocks a lush and bright green for a short while only. Soon it will die off with the hot weather.  

Welcomed into the community of Trundle

The most powerful part of our visit to Trundle was the way we were able to create hope for the community. It was so important to be able to reinforce to the people of Trundle that they are not alone during this difficult time. That we at Thread Together, along with our community of volunteers, are here to help and support them. It is important to remember that even the smallest action or the simplest items, can make a world of difference to those who are struggling. Particularly during the festive season!

A thoughtful gift

The smiles on faces, the excitement, and the expressions of gratitude showed us that our work has real meaning out there.  The community volunteers who put together the packages for the school in Trundle are an example of how quality time can produce such wonderful outcomes for all involved. The people we met in Trundle have touched our lives. We feel privileged to have been able to restore dignity and bring hope to their community this Christmas.

Please remember to share our message of dignity and hope far and wide with those around you – a donation as little as $5 can clothe a person in need, and truly change someone’s life.

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