By: Annie Pryor, Boody Australia, Volunteer at Thread Together

What I learned from taking part in a Program for Purpose

Every now and then you read an article, see something on tv or go to an event that just resonates with you. It keeps you thinking about it for days, weeks and months after.

For me, spending a day at Thread Together was one of those. Because I didn’t realise how many people here in Australia are living below the poverty line (over 13%). Most importantly, ind it’s happening right under my nose! I think many people are unaware that this is the case and that we need to do more to help.

Things we take for granted

Besides taking for granted having a meal, having somewhere to sleep for the night, we also take for granted having support both mentally and in everyday choices and decisions.

I have worked in the fashion industry for years and sitting in the warehouse watching the video Greg (Greg Fisher, CEO of Thread Together) showed us almost bought me to tears. What really touched me was to hear one woman say how being able to choose an outfit made her feel. She said that for the first time in a long time she was not in fancy dress. Because she had been able to choose an outfit that she wanted.

I appreciate every item I own so much more

That feeling of excitement when you buy a new piece of clothing is again something I feel we take for granted. It’s because of this day and what I learned that I appreciate every item I own so much more.

I think it’s incredible that the fashion industry is coming together to make a difference to so many people’s lives, on so many levels. The amount of charities that Thread Together help is incredible and again was such an eye opener.

An inspiring and uplifting vibe whilst learning how lucky we really are

It was amazing to walk into the bright and colourful Thread Together warehouse, meeting the amazing team that work there and to hear their stories also. The vibe there is so inspiring and uplifting.

Going forward it’s made me realise how lucky we are and that we need to educate so many more people about what’s happening here in Australia.

Educating future generations

I’m hoping to get a group of friends and our children together and to spend some time at Thread Together. I feel that it’s so important that we educate the future generations to be aware of what is happening in our own country.

Annie Pryor

Production Coordinator

Boody Australia

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