Helen Power 1947-2019

The heart and soul of Thread Together A LIFELONG MEMBER OF THREAD TOGETHER, FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS Helen Power was one of those people who had a never-ending positive attitude. A generous, kind soul. Mother of four, and friend to thousands. Her depth of character and...

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Attention Volunteers! Come join us at a fun, free community event in Kensington aimed at providing free goods and services to our community’s most vulnerable. We are on the look out for volunteers who will be able to to help us for a few hours at the Clothing Hub...

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Behind the Seams

AS MY INTERNSHIP HERE COMES TO AN END... I have had time to reflect on how special the culture is here. Before beginning my internship here, I was nervous. I would be living in a different country, starting a new job, and adapting to a unfamiliar culture. I grew up in...

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Not Just a Dance, More Than a Dress

WE ALL HAVE PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS WHEN WE HEAR THE WORD "PROM” Extravagant dresses, limousine escorts, corsages and bouquets, ridiculously high heels abandoned immediately upon arriving. Prom. That special occasion, that final dance, that dream-like feeling of walking...

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Not-for-profit does not mean not-for-revenue

“Not-for-profit does not mean not-for-revenue. Transitioning from a donor-dependent charity to financial self-sustainability. Understanding that there is more than one test for appropriate use of funds.” Thread Together’s CEO, Greg FisherLONG-TERM FINANCIAL...

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Thank you for a great year!

Thank you for your continued support. We proudly look back on 2018 and reflect how our combined effort and support has helped over 90,000 people.Your support has meant that our reach could expand across the country:  Sydney Kensington Clothing Hub expansion – opening...

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Australia is not the lucky country for everyone

One simple way I learned a big lesson  It began, almost by accident… a small production issue with some blue and white striped Seafolly towels. I noticed that the blue bleached slightly into the white. At $49 a towel our customer was not going to be happy. So, stuck...

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Choice and Dignity Through New Clothes

One Simple Way to Effect Positive Change At Thread Together we believe there is immense power in clothing. Whether it be a simple t-shirt, a floral dress, a good pair of jeans or a full suit: these items of clothing change people’s lives. Some might think that caring...

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Dress for Work

 By Shyama Sri – Project Officer at Dress for Work, Thread Together Charity Partner The act of putting on a suit For many men, the ritual ho-hum of putting on a suit and getting ready for work is just another task performed with little consideration or thought -...

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Christmas in drought affected Trundle

Happiness and hardship Have you heard of a NSW country town, called Trundle? Trundle is known for its annual Bush Tucker Festival. They even host an amazing ABBA festival. There is a lot of happy history in this Aussie community!   You may also be aware of the poem...

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Volunteering at the Mobile Wardrobes

Experiences shared by Carol – Volunteer at the Thread Together Mobile Clothing Hub @ AnglicareSA A humbling and powerful experience Changing lives for the better At Thread Together our aim is to be able to restore dignity and hope to those in need. In doing so, we...

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Something special about making a diffference

By Sophie Drysdale, Intern and Volunteer at Thread Together Passion for social causes In August this year I joined the Thread Together team as an intern. It began as a course requirement for my university degree, a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Social and...

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