By: Aley Hammond, AMAZON , Volunteer at Thread Together

On Friday 3rd of August, a group of 10 Amazonians headed to Thread Together to donate their time sorting, packing and delivering new, fully tagged, never been worn before clothing and shoes to people in our community who are currently suffering from the drought. 

How we helped:

The team helped restore dignity and hope for men, women and children who are currently going through a difficult time by providing a full wardrobe of brand new clothes.

In the 3 hours we spent at Thread Together we were able to ensure that 400 people each received a wardrobe of new clothes.  

About the Charity:

Thread Together provides new clothes that would otherwise be dumped in landfill to those who need it most.  More than 8 million dollars of clothes have been donated from brands such as Seafolly, Camilla and Marc, Specialty Fashion Group, The Iconic, General Pants, Bendon, Boody and many more.

To date, Thread Together has reached over 150,000 people across Australia. 

Who Thread Together support:

Our contribution on the day helped victims of the drought however Thread Together supports the homeless, youth at risk, Indigenous communities, survivors of domestic violence, refugees and the long term unemployed. Basically, anyone in need of comfortable clothing to enable them to feel safe and warm. Instead of giving people second hand, old clothes, Thread Together provides them with the best, brand new tagged clothing, providing dignity at a time they are at their worst. 

What’s next?

We will be making a donation as a contribution and organizing another group to give 3 hours of their time. Every $5 donated provides a full wardrobe to a person in need. Wendy is going to use her connections at Lenovo and donate some laptops and we are going to put Thread Together in touch with VISY as they don’t have enough boxes to send the clothes out in.

A few quotes from the day:

I had the privilege of joining a team from AWS to help out Thread Together. Although it was only a few short hours, it was a fantastic spend of the teams time. Looking forward to doing more with Thread Together and encourage you all to consider supporting this charity by making it your next team offsite activity. You won’t regret it.”- Niall O’Gorman

Volunteering at TT was a great way to help out the less fortunate. What hit home most was what the Amazon team was able to achieve together in just 3 hours. The fact that we managed to impact the lives of over 400 people and help put dignity back into the hands of people who need it the most. We’re really all only 3 paychecks away from being them.”- Abe Sharma

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