Are clean undies a luxury item?

For the 45,8132 women experiencing homelessness it is. We have the bras and undies but we need your help they get to those who need them. Today, tomorrow and in the future. Help us restore some dignity for women all over Australia. 

We believe access to clothing is a basic human right.

Support our mission to clothe 100,000 people annually by diverting end-of-line clothing from potential going directly to landfill. 

Founded in 2012, Sydney, Australia, Thread Together drives social and environmental change by collaborating with fashion brands and social service agencies. Tother we can provide people who are at risk of social exclusion with dignity and choice through new clothes. 

Access to clothing is essential in restoring dignity and pride.

Our service goes directly to helping people all over Australia: 
  • Those who are experiencing poverty, homelessness, gender inequality, domestic violence, mental health issues, drug or alcohol addiction,
  • Those who are refugees/new migrants, Indigenous to Australia and the elderly


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